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Breitbart Fails Photo Credit Etiquette

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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On June 2, a writer tweeted a picture of an MSNBC error concerning the death of Ann B. Davis, who played “Alice,” the maid on the Brady Bunch. Instead of flashing a picture of Davis, MSNBC ran with a photograph of Alice from the 1995 The Brady Bunch Movie.

A mistake, no doubt.

Breitbart then ran a story with the photograph but without crediting the person who took and tweeted it and received 72 retweets and 52 favorites. That person was D.C. journalist Eddie Scarry.

“MSNBC just showed an image from the Brady Bunch movie while reporting on death of Ann B. Davis,” he wrote. “Wrong Alice, guys.”

Breitbart’s story featured Scarry’s photograph and an insult for the “far-left network” that “managed to muck up the moment with a poorly chosen graphic.” As if those things have anything to do with one another.

See their borrowed story here. There’s no byline, so unfortunately we can’t point to a culprit. “Just noticed Breitbart used my photo but didn’t give me credit!” Scarry wrote this morning. Of course, someone named Bossy Privilege remarked, “I’m sure it’s just an oversight.”