Female College Basketball Player Falls Off Riser In Front Of The President

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WASHINGTON — A female college basketball player had an embarrassing moment at the White House on Monday when she fell off a riser in front of President Barack Obama and a few hundred onlookers.

On Monday afternoon, Obama hosted the University of Connecticut Huskies for a photo-op to celebrate both the men and women’s teams NCAA victories this year.

But after snapping photos with the president, one player — UConn center Stefanie Dolson – lost her balance and fell off the risers. Visibly embarrassed, she shielded her face and hid behind teammates until Obama approached her with a reassuring handshake.

After regaining her composure, Dolson curtsied as the crowd let out a laugh.

Speaking to reporters outside the West Wing after the event, Dolson was questioned how it felt knowing that the president of the United States remembered her from last year’s visit. She responded, “Well, it probably helped that I fell.”

Just minutes before Dolson’s fall, Obama referenced the player in his remarks during the East Room event.

“I did not forget that you challenged me to a dance-off last year,” Obama joked to Dolson. “It is going to happen.”

But Obama added: “I have daughters in junior high and high school, and for their sake, I will not be dancing too much while the cameras are around.”

Despite Dolson’s embarrassing fall, both the women and men’s basketball teams at the University of Connecticut have something to be proud of: They are the only school to have both their men and women’s teams both win NCAA championships during the same year (something they also accomplished in 2004).

The women’s team finished with a 40-0 record, while the men’s team finished with a 32-8 record.

This was the second consecutive visit to the White House by the ladies of the Huskies, after visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a similar event last year.

“Both the men and the women ranked among the nation’s best academically and that’s worth applauding,” Obama said of the team.

Video by The Daily Caller’s Aldana Fourcade