Ringly Introduces New Wearable Tech

Josh Evans Contributor
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Wearable technology often has the reputation of being bulky or obtrusive, but startup company Ringly is looking to change that with its new line of rings, TechCrunch reports.

The ring can be connected to a smartphone via the Ringly app, which is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. The ring will then light up and buzz whenever the user receives a call, text or other notification. Users can also customize the ring to produce different lights and buzzes depending on the type of notification or who is calling.

Christina Mercando, co-founder of Ringly, came up with the concept as a solution to a problem that had plagued her and many other women. Because many women carry their phones in their purses, they may miss calls and texts. While absent-mindedly looking at her rings one day, Mercando realized that a wearable notification system was the answer.

The rings were designed to integrate technology into customers’ lives in a more discreet and fashionable way. Although the rings currently only provide notifications and alerts, the company website states that it intends to add new functions in the future.

The rings were made available for pre-sale today in four different colors, with prices ranging from $145 to $180. Ringly expects to ship the rings sometime this fall. (RELATED: Time To Get Rid Of Those Dumb Hoodies?)

Josh Evans