Time To Get Rid Of Those Dumb Hoodies?

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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We already have wearable technology through smart watches and, for a “lucky” few, Google Glass. But what if technology was integrated into standard, everyday clothing?

Enter the Smart Hoodie.

Created by two graduate students at NYU, this hoodie recognizes your movements and is equipped with a GSM chip and an Arduino board, according to Mashable.

Interactive Telecommunication Program students Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan programmed the hoodie to respond to everyday gestures, according to Balean’s website.

Roll up a sleeve, and the Smart Hoodie (or ‘cellphone sweater’) sends a pre-determined message to one of your contacts. Put on your hoodie, and it sends a different message. The hoodie also has buttons built into the sleeves that trigger different messages.

While these sound like interesting features, what if you just need to roll up your sleeve? Will that send texts or messages to your friends? And how washable would a technology-filled Smart Hoodie be?

Watch the Smart Hoodie’s promo: