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TELLING QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the shallowest left v. right DC cliche gets ignored and/or distorted #EricCantor” — The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald

And this: “Say GOOD-BYE and GOOD-RIDDANCE to Eric Cantor.” — DCCC. To which NYT‘s David Joachim, breaking news writer and assistant editor in the D.C. bureau, remarked, “Gloating is so unattractive.”

Amid Cantor’s upset, Washington Free Beacon reporter’s wife goes into possible labor

“Met a European nurse at labor & delivery tonight. I now understand those birthrates. C-word doesn’t do her justice.” — F. Bill McMorris, reporter. Asked about it, McMorris replied, “My New England manners prevent me from elaborating…publicly.” As for the baby, he said, “World will have to wait. Not ready to come out yet.”

Hey lawmakers: CALL ME! 

“I’m back in the Post newsroom. House sources, please email me w/ your cell, or have your boss call me.” — Washington Post‘s Robert Costa, last night at 8:13 p.m.

CNN senior political analyst heartily praises Eric Cantor 

“With @GOPLeader Eric Cantor upset, House loses one of its best Republican thinkers & reformers. Sad loss for party.” — David Gergen.

D.C. driving sucks 

“DC drivers and construction projects are conspiring this morning to make locals hate this place as much as the rest of the country does.” — Oliver Griswold, a brand strategist at D.C.-based gmmb, a political communications firm.

Ezra Klein’s mini-Twitter rant

9:40 p.m.: “Looks like the campaign strategists who didn’t predict this are now giving anonymous quotes about why it was inevitable”

9:52 p.m.: “Romney’s internal polls were garbage. Cantor’s internal polls were garbage. The GOP has a serious data problem.”

Post Eric Cantor apocolypse, reporter can’t sleep

“Anyone else have post-primary-upset adrenaline keeping them from sleeping? #firstworldproblems.” — Emily Cahn, political reporter, Roll Call

Journo to world: Leave me alone! 

“OK, I’m going to sleep, unless they find a bunch of ballots hidden in a Richmond basement don’t bother me.” — Washington Examiner‘s David Drucker.

Just in case you don’t want more brats in Congress…

“And the Cantor loss should be a wake-up call for the Democratic base. If you don’t show up in November there will be more Brats in Congress.” — WaPo and MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

Overtime AlternativePure speculation

“If you told me Boehner did something to defeat Cantor, I’d at least listen. I don’t believe that, but I haven’t seen a better explanation.” — Washington Examiner columnist David Freddoso.

“Can’t wait to see Eric Cantor go from symbolizing everything wrong with congress to embodying everything that’s wrong with lobbyists.” — Will Dana, managing editor, Rolling Stone.


“Guy who’s getting a good tip tonight: John Boehner’s waiter.” — Jennifer Senior, writer, New York Magazine.

The Observer 

“Twitter’s analysis of Cantor’s loss: a Jew eating too much steak.” — The New Republic‘s Julia Ioffe.