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Hillary Clinton Is More Popular Than Ever, If You’re Not Good with Numbers

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If Hillary’s book tour is the latest stage of her 2016 presidential campaign, and it seems like maybe it might be, then the idea is to make you like her more.

Do you? Has that changed one way or another this week?

Justin McCarthy, Gallup:

Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has dropped slightly, although a majority of Americans continue to view her in a positive light. As Clinton publicizes her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” 54% of Americans view her favorably. This is down from 59% in February, and significantly less than the ratings she received as secretary of state, which were consistently above 60%.

Keep in mind that this poll was conducted on June 5-8, before Hillary started going on TV and saying things like this:

And this:

So her poll numbers are likely to get a big boost.

Or maybe you’re a misogynist? Why are you a misogynist, you misogynist? Every single United States President so far has had a penis.* Isn’t it about time to have a United States President with a vagina?

Hillary 2016!

*Taft couldn’t see his, but it was in there somewhere.