Media Plays Down Biden’s Savings Account Lie

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Joe Biden apparently lied to the audience at the White House Summit on Working Families Monday, and it seems no one in the media is making a big deal about it.

The vice president and Dr. Jill Biden opened the summit. In an effort to appeal to the crowd of mostly middle class women and mothers, Biden said he had no savings account, was wearing only a “mildly expensive suit” and does not own “a single stock or bond.”

“Don’t hold it against me,” Biden said.

However, a look at Biden’s financial disclosure forms verify that he has all three.

The form shows that Biden has one savings account listed between $1,000-$15,000, and eleven investment accounts listed as between $1,000-$15,000, which could total anywhere from $11,000 to $165,000. His and Dr. Biden’s 2013 federal income tax return also shows the couple reported a gross income of $407,009.

Most outlets have reported on the story, but without further discussion. The few headlines there are have a question mark or wavering tone.

CBS News posted this headline.


And then The Blaze posted this one.


CommentaryMagazine.com pondered the strategy of Biden’s statements.


Time.com said Biden was just being “humble.”


Biden’s comments matched the tone of the summit, which held panels that discussed raising the minimum wage, increasing workplace flexibility, and expanding childcare options, with the greater goal of improving conditions in the workplace so “families can succeed.”

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Kaitlan Collins