Want To Fall In Love With A Pothead?

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Hell, there are dating sites for dwarfs, very tall people and women behind bars. So why not people who smoke weed?

A budding website, The Cupids of Cannabis, is promising just that — that you’ll find your soulmate in a fellow dope smoker. The site is MY420MATE.com.

“This site is full of people from all walks of life who seek to live and share a relaxed lifestyle and outlook on life,” said founder Miguel Lozano, who lives in Los Angeles and originally created the service for medicinal marijuana patients and recreational smokers. “Whether you are a Medical Patient or a Recreational Smoker, My420mate.com provides you with a friendly environment where you can meet other singles and develop special relationships,” the website says.

St. Louis-based Jay Lindberg, who co-founded the site with Lozano, told The Mirror in a phone interview: “We created it to connect people who share the cannabis lifestyle.” Lindberg, who smokes recreationally, acknowledged the judgment attached to people who smoke dope. “That stigma sometimes stops someone from letting someone know about their lifestyle,” he said. “Everyone who smokes isn’t just a hippy. There are politicians, police officers, lawyers. This website stops that awkward conversation — who smokes pot, who does not.”

When asked to name politicians’ names, Lindberg just laughed.

April 20 is the unofficial nationwide holiday for marijuana smokers to convene. At 4:20 p.m. that day, they light up.

Lindberg said membership on the site, which naturally launched on April 20, has grown exponentially. They’ve landed a blurb in High Times, which he describes as “the New York Times of Cannabis.” Next week they’ll be at the Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, which he describes as the “Olympics of marijuana.” He said it includes a competition on the best grade of marijuana.

The site is not just a venue for steamy sex while high. Lindberg sees his site on the level of eHarmony, not Grindr, stressing that it’s not meant to be a cheap hookup site. Their motto is:  “Plant your seed and watch your love grow.”

CannabisAn initial examination of My420MATE.com may initially make you nauseated as the screen moves horizontally. PLEASE STOP. Do I need to be high while using this site?

Potential daters have handles you’d expect. The names include moonbeam, blondandhigh, freakazoid91, got bud, MidnightToker, and mizzsmokey420.

The press release boasts that they’re already the #1 dating site for the cannabis crowd.

Word travels fast.

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