‘Murica: Now You Can Buy Gold Dipped Chicken Bone Necklaces

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn’t have to end after you’ve finished feasting on the greasy meal, because for a limited time a jewelry designer is selling gold necklaces made out of recycled chicken bones.

According to the website Kentucky For Kentucky, jewelry designer Meg C will sell chicken bone necklaces made from genuine KFC chicken wings she and her boyfriend have eaten for dinner.

According to the site, the bones have been cleaned of meat, scrubbed with soap and dipped in 14 karat gold — just so fried chicken enthusiasts can finally show their dedication to the southern delicacy by literally holding it near and dear to their hearts. (RELATED: KFC Offers Drumstick Corsage For Prom Season)

“That’s right, your dreams have now come true,” the site read. “You can now wear a 14kt gold plated Kentucky Fried Chicken bone around your sexy neck. No joke, beautiful handcrafted gold necklaces made with real bones from a Kentucky Fried Chicken 8-piece chicken dinner. Boomtown.”

But hurry, the designer only created a limited number of the necklaces, which range from $130-$160 — depending on the size of the bone. The sale starts Friday morning on the Kentucky For Kentucky website.