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Surfer congressman explains what he does for a living 

“My job is advocating policies that work 4 good of the Am people & try to get them enacted into law. That is what I am doing.” — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.). The question he was asked came from Michael Nunez (whoever he is): “@DanaRohrabacher What are you doing to secure our border. Obvious Prez has no intention. He’s got his end arounds. Where are yours?”

Reporter likes to exercise until she almost passes out

“I love doing HIIT cardio because like a child I like to run or cycle as fast as I can until I almost pass out.” — Breitbart NewsKatie McHugh.

Editor’s dream is bordering on a night terror 

“Dreamed I was reading a @rsmccain hardcover on humor & Chris McDaniel at @ezraklein‘s giant new Tex-Mex joint. NOT A GOOD VACATION DREAM.” — Matt Welch, editor-in-chief, Reason Magazine.

The Observer

“..and now its 800 troops going back to Iraq. I’m feeling nostalgic, got out my old ‘shock and awe’ videos, they really hold up.” — HBO’s Bill Maher.

On vernacular

“So long, newspaper, news organization, and news site. Hello, news entity.” — John McQuaid, a longtime Silver Spring, Md.-based journo who’s working on the book, Gusto: Inside the New Science of Taste. He’s referencing a NYT story that reference VICE as a “news entity.”


Morning Joe Critique 

“Morning Joe’s jocular, Today show-esque tone works less well when coming out of a report on the deterioration of Iraq’s gov’t.” — Evan McMurry, editor, Mediaite.