Poultry Bandit Steals 72 Pounds Of Frozen Chickens, Stashes Them In Daycare

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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A Delaware man was arrested for stealing 72 pounds of frozen chickens, stock-piling them in a nearby daycare center, and then slashing the son of a daycare worker with a knife when the thief was caught trying to retrieve his poultry stash.

Ronald Johnson stole the incredible amount of whole frozen chickens from a delivery truck sitting in a grocery store parking lot, and after he got his hands on the frozen meat, he stashed it in the entrance of a nearby daycare center, according to Fox 29.

The police were alerted on Friday that Johnson had stolen the chickens, but when the cops got to the scene, Johnson has already fled. Hours later, however, the chicken bandit returned to collect his treasure at the daycare, where he was confronted by the 38-year-old son of a daycare teacher.

Anthony Kinard, the son of daycare worker Ertha Kinard, defended his mother and the young children inside the center, when the thief returned for his frozen chickens. Kinard approached Johnson, according to the report, and that’s when the thief pulled a knife and stabbed Kinard in the back of the hand. (RELATED: ‘Murica: Now People Can Buy Gold Dipped Chicken Necklaces)

“It’s a very strange case people shoplifting happens all the time people stealing 72 pounds of chicken that’s unusual,” Wilmington Police Corporal Mark Ivey told Fox 29.

According to the report, Johnson faces theft, assault and resisting arrest charges. The chickens, however, were safely returned to the grocery store, ready to be purchased.