16-Year-Old Unmade Bed Sold For $4 Million Because Art

Seth Richardson Contributor
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A bed which hasn’t been made for 16 years sold for more than $4 million at a Christie’s art auction Tuesday, CNN reports.

The bed is actually an art installation by Tracey Emin, who appropriately calls the piece “My Bed.” She spent four days on it in 1998 while she was “heartbroken and feeling terrible.” After she got out of the bed she decided it was now art instead of making it like most people.

Art. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“Suddenly I had this vision of taking it out of the bedroom space and putting it into a white gallery space,” she told CNN. “It suddenly made sense. Wow this is fantastic artwork.”

The piece was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1999, an annual award given to a British visual artist under the age of 50.

But it’s not just a bed. Also in the installation are an ashtray full of cigarettes, empty liquor bottles, dirty panties and a 16-year-old condom that we don’t know why she had for four days while she was alone.

Christie’s declined to comment on who the buyer was.

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