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Making Fun Of Burger King’s ‘Proud Whopper’ Is Totally Homophobic

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I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt Alan Colmes’ feelings.

Remember: Liberals are the ones with a sense of humor. From Colmes’ site, Liberaland (in case you were confused about his political leanings):

Burger King’s celebration of gay pride got lost on a few people. In the newly-released video, the hamburger appears different on the outside, but soon enough customers realize it’s the same Whopper the fast-food chain has been selling for years. Once unwrapped, the words “We are all the same inside” are revealed on the wrapper…

The burgers aren’t gay but don’t tell the homophobes that. Apparently they didn’t watch the video. So now they want to boycott Burger King, and one Twitter user even blames Obama. Naturally. The Daily Caller titled a post, “Burger King: Have It, You’re Gay.”

That’s so homophobic, you guys!

But I do get some credit, if not a literal credit:

To The Daily Caller’s credit, the author did write, “Meanwhile, the cows are all like: ‘Uh… hello? Over here? You’re actually eating our insides? Do we get a say in this?’ But who cares, everybody knows cows are a bunch of straighties.”

I’m so grateful to have redeemed myself.

Liberal calculus must be so confusing: “I don’t want to be accused of homophobia, but I think eating animals is wrong! What should I do?” It’s enough to make their brains explode. Like a kernel of corn popping.

Anyway. You’re welcome for the traffic, Alan!