Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Deepest Thoughts [VIDEO]

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NBC aired a two-hour special “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour” Sunday night and provided behind-the-scenes moments with Cyrus in her private hotel room.

In between her performances from the Bangerz tour, the singer shared profound thoughts on life including what she thinks about kiss cams, closets, brushes, being an artist and more.

Warning: Miley expresses herself in run-on sentences.

Deep Thought #1: Miley explains kiss cams:

“I think the kiss cam has been really important. I’ve seen so many people.  At first they start and they try to hide, but it usually takes one couple to kiss and then I see them look at the guy or girl they were here with and are like, ‘Okay, this is okay. We’re not gonna be judged. Everyone is cool in here.’ They feel safe in there. It’s hard being… me, but it’s hard being them, too. You know?”

“It’s hard just being a normal person living and being different. I think the universe puts this responsibility to certain people that they know can handle it and I think I’m strong enough. Some people maybe aren’t. That’s why I’m the leader in giving them that little push.”

Deep Thought #2: Miley Cyrus on brushes:

“This brush was sitting beside one of the, like, bath tubs at this random hotel, so I think it might — so it was sitting by the bath so I think it’s a scrubber meets loofah, but I forgot a brush on this trip so I’m using it as my brush.”

Deep Thought #3: Miley on being an artist:

“I don’t ever think about anything of what I’m doing except the way I feel about it. People are like, ‘was that a conscious decision to do that?’  I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I was just doing what I was doing on the stage, that’s what being ‘an artist’ is. Then I think, if I wasn’t who I was before, if I was just like coming out as a new artist, I would be able to do what I want because that’s you as the artist.  So then I feel like I’m a new artist, because obviously I’m not.  I’ve got all my fans that have been following me forever, but I don’t feel like I have to represent the same thing that I represented. I don’t know how to explain it.  It’s like weird.”

Deep Thought #4: Miley explains how to organize closets:

“Now my closet is just alphabetized but when I was in sixth grade, I was in this little group. It was like a real-life ‘Mean Girls’ and you would get kicked out if you wore the same thing twice and if you weren’t a brunette.  If you didn’t wear pink when you had to the yearbook picture, I only had one pink shirt and I accidentally wore it the day before thinking it was picture day. Then I had to wear it again and I got bumped because like I had to choose. Either I wouldn’t wear pink for the picture or I had to wear the same thing twice. I had to go with twice, hoping they’d understand and they kicked me out. But I used to write down, like I had a number on all the tags and hangers of my clothes so they would stay organized.  I would put on my calendar like the number of the clothes that I would wear each day so I would make sure I could like go back and see if I’d ever worn that number before. (yawns)”

Deep Thoughts #5: Miley reacts to compliments by fake snoring and humping a wall upside down:

Miley’s younger sister Noah reads from a piece of paper: “If you still believe Miley Cyrus is just a rebel without a cause, then you’re not paying enough attention.”

Miley fake snores. Both Noah and Miley laugh.

Noah: “If anything, Miley Cyrus is liberating… she’s a young woman encouraging girls to own their sexuality, as opposed to the traditional role of being reactive to male sexual development.”

Miley begins humping the hotel room wall upside down.

Noah: “Are you okay?”

Deep Thoughts #6: Miley’s new motto:

“My new motto that my dad told me that Kris Kristofferson told him is ‘the turkey with the longest neck is the one everybody’s shooting at’ or something like that.”


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