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Grandiosity at a glance: Allbritton’s Politico has a ‘World Headquarters’?  


Overheard in the Newsroom

“Don’t put it in the freezer. Some asshole is going to steal it!” — Anonymous female scribe.

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Early Morning Travel Bitches 

“Uh-oh. NYC to DC Acela 2107 is stopped. ‘There’s a wire problem. All the trains are stopped,’ one of the ticket collectors just said.” — Politico‘s Gregg Birnbaum.

Roll Call wants house boats in Cleveland for RNC

“Attn Cleve residents: @RollCallPols is interested in house boat rentals for #RNC2016” — Shira Center, politics editor, Roll Call.

Radio host blasts 1,000 Washington reporters for being inept 

“1,000 political reporters in DC and none of them know whether it is Cleveland or Dallas?” — Righty radio host Hugh Hewitt.

The Observer 

“This Charles Johnson fellow seems a tad unhinged and needlessly combative. It’s not that bad, sport!” — The Federalist‘s Neil Dewing.

New beginnings 

“First day at the new job is over. Not used to being home when the sun is still bright. Bonkers.” — Ellen Carmichael, former aide to presidential hopeful Herman Cain, then a congressional aide and now a consultant and travel blogger.

Interesting Q to Ponder: “Reporter or Lean Forward opinionator? Why was @LukeRussert 1 of the 4 opinionizers on The Cycle today? He used to be a straight journalist.” — Johnny Dollar, cable news blogger.

Where should a person go for a non-This Town good time? 

South Carolina attorney Wes Mishoe asks, “Loved the book. Any suggestions for non “This Town” places for the Fourth in DC?” NYT‘s Mark Leibovich replied, “Thanks! I’d suggest Jersey Shore!” We knew he had thing for Snooki.

Open Mic

“Lol I find no end to amusement in being lectured about what it’s like to be a non-liberal black guy in america by a bunch of white people.” — Ex-talk show host, military vet and my BFF Montel Williams, who has been pushing for healthcare for veterans. He wishes the “damn White House” would get back to him. Happy Birthday Montel! (It was Friday.)

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