Christian College Expels Student Over Lesbian Marriage

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A student at a Christian university in Oklahoma is upset because she got kicked out of school when school officials saw the pictures of her same-sex marriage she posted on Facebook.

The student is senior Christian Minard, a now-former student at Southwestern Christian University in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, reports local Fox affiliate KOKH. She was a semester from graduation when she got the boot.

Southwestern Christian is a religious institution affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. The school bans tobacco, alcohol, premarital sex, cursing and — wouldn’t you know it? — homosexuality.

Minard and her girlfriend, Kadyn Parks, got married on St. Patrick’s Day in New Mexico, a state which recognizes same-sex marriages.

“It was an [sic] really incredible moment for us,” Minard told KOKH.

Later, Minard received the news of her expulsion by way of a letter.

“It was just a letter to my mom’s house, don’t come back to our school,” she told the Fox affiliate.

She is unhappy, she says, because the school’s decision is an obstacle for the career she wants to have. It will also make her new life as a married lesbian harder, she complains.

“For both of us it was just the next step to take in our relationship and we wanted to share it with our families and friends and not have it hidden anymore,” Minard said,

Like every other student, Minard signed a thick lifestyle covenant when she enrolled at Southwestern Christian. That covenant blatantly outlaws homosexuality — and much else.

Minard sharply criticized the school for hypocrisy.

“There’s a lot of things outlined in there that aren’t upheld every single day, and I mean the number one thing on that list is discrimination,” she told KOKH.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma has now become involved in the situation on Minard’s behalf.

“I would hope institutions like this university and others would, one, reconsider their policies and, two, in the event that they are going to apply these codes of conducts against their students, do so in a way that’s equal across the board,” ACLU spokesman Ryan Kiesel told the station.

Southwestern Christian University bans a lot of activities, according to the student handbook.

In addition to tobacco, alcohol, premarital sex, cursing and homosexuality, the school forbids lying, gambling and pornography.

No one from the opposite sex can stay overnight in anyone’s dorm room and, in fact, students must get permission to have members of the opposite sex in their dorm rooms or residence halls — or even to be at their windows — at any time.

There’s a dress code that prohibits any visible undergarments and any shorts that are not at least fingertip length. Tank tops and spaghetti straps are verboten in class (and the chapel, and the cafeteria). Midriffs are outlawed everywhere.

Video games up to the rating of “T” (for teen) are permitted. Students must get explicit permission to show R-rated movies in any public forum.

Chapel attendance is mandatory for all students.

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