Jaguar Shows Off Augmented Reality Concept Windshield [VIDEO]

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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Jaguar has created a concept windshield for the Land Rover — a virtual windshield.

This windshield has an interactive display on it, giving it an “augmented-reality experience,” Mashable reports.

The displays on the windshield give it a racing video game feel, complete with dashed lines on the road showing when it’s best to brake for a sharp curve. And it also shows a tool that reportedly could help teach novice drivers — virtual cones being placed along the road.

But that’s not all. This system also has a “‘ghost car’ visualization” so drivers can race against virtual drivers, just like a video game. But this would be on a real road. And drivers can also compete against other drivers for the best lap time, just like in video games.

A Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson told Mashable, “The virtual windscreen is a concept at the moment, as the technology doesn’t exist today to utilize the entire windscreen as a HUD [heads-up display].”

Jaguar is working with its suppliers to develop that technology, though, and estimates it could reach production in about 10 years.


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