‘True Blood’ Takes A Jab At Sen. Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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WARNING: If you missed Sunday’s episode, this is your spoiler alert.

In Episode 5 of HBO’s “True Blood” final season, vampires Eric Northman and Pam De Beaufort make a plan to kill Sarah Newlin, the mastermind of a vampire concentration camp and proponent of spreading a virus in the vampire community. When vampires broke out of the camp, Newlin went into hiding.

On Sunday night’s episode, Pam and Eric discover that Newlin’s sister Amber, an infected vampire, is in Dallas. They make a visit to the sister’s home and discover that Newlin might be in Dallas with her Republican parents at a fictional fundraising gala for Sen. Ted Cruz to be held at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Watch the video here.

When Eric inquires about the event, Amber responds: “They only let in a**holes.”

Eric smirked and said, “We can be a**holes.”

Vampires Eric and Pam arrive at the gala in a cowboy hat and Western attire, searching for Sarah Newlin.


Meanwhile, Newlin finds her mother in the ladies’ bathroom at the event.

She begs for her mother’s help and says she needs help from someone powerful like former First Lady Laura Bush.

Watch the video here.

The mother tells her that Bush stopped returning her calls after she discovered that her daughter is a “monster.”

Note: There were no cameos of the Bush family and Sen. Ted Cruz on the show.