Watch Pirated Movies On Your Apple TV

Kate Patrick Contributor
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Some of y’all may have heard of Popcorn Time, the popular streaming mechanism used to watch recently released movies without paying a cent. Well, now you can use the app to stream movies to your Apple TV.

The Apple TV support is set to be released Wednesday afternoon, according to Business Insider.

Here’s where the legality of the app comes into question: Popcorn Time finds recently released films and TV shows and streams them so you can enjoy them from your living room couch. Fortunately, the Popcorn Time developers are gentlemen and don’t leave any “trails” — you can watch pirated movies without getting nabbed for it.

According to a blog post by Popcorn Time developers, however, the app is quite legal.

“Popcorn Time as a project is legal,” the post reads. “We checked. Four Times. But, as you may know, that’s rarely enough.”

Popcorn Time asserts its own legality by reminding users that the site only provides links to streamed content — it gives you access to films pirated by other sources. Popcorn Time just aggregates the films into one place and makes them accessible.

“Popcorn Time is not hosting anything. Popcorn Time serves only information. And it’s not forbidden to collect and serve public, open-for-all, information. You can look for the same information on Google,” the developers told Business Insider in an email.

So, it’s kinda sorta legal. And now you can watch new movies in sparkling HD on your Apple TV. What’s not to like?

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