Cop Unloads (With Words) On Citizen About Obama, Constitution [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A frustrated cop told a man conducting an investigation in a police building that if Obama doesn’t have to honor the Constitution and follow the law, he doesn’t either.

Steve Wronko had been kicked out of a New Jersey Animal Shelter he was investigating, so he went to the Helmetta police department with a camera and 13-year-old kid to voice his concerns, according to this YouTube video posted Tuesday by user Paul Rasmussen.

When Wronko tells a police officer he has a right to record and be in the building, and refuses to leave, the officer lashes out: “I don’t even care about that [the law] because Obama has decimated the friggin Constitution. So I don’t give a damn, because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

“What?” Wronko says abruptly once the words sink in. “Did you get that?” he asks the kid recording.

“Yea did you get that?” the officer continues. “Because if our president can decimate our Constitution, then we don’t have to [follow the law]”

Wronko cuts in to explain to the officer he has to follow the law whether the president does or not.

“OK then you tell him that,” the officer responds.

Eventually the Police Director gets involved and Wronko is escorted out of the building.

“Wow,” the kid remarks in a rather chipper manner, before handing over the camera. “Here you go!”

The officer, later identified as Richard Recine of the Helmetta Police Department, is now under an internal affairs investigation, USA Today reports, and Police Director Robert Manney told USA Today his comments are embarrassing.


(h/t The Blaze)

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