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Twitter Fight Of The Day: HuffPost’s Sam Stein Calls NRSC’s Brad Dayspring A ‘Jerk’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The fighters: National Republican Senatorial Committee Strategist Brad Dayspring, known for his spicy dealings with the press, and HuffPost White House Correspondent and MSNBC “Morning Joe” regular Sam Stein.

What set these two off?

This tweet from Dayspring, regarding the abortion stance of Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska).

Stein then lobbed this question:

In explanation, Wheby is personally pro-life (whatever that means) but politically a pro-choice GOP Senate hopeful from Oregon.

This is when shit got real.

STEIN: What are your thoughts on Monica Wheby’s position on abortion?

DAYSPRING: Guess you didn’t bother reading the post, did you?

STEIN: Nope.


STEIN: I don’t see her in the post.

DAYSPRING: Begich advocates & fundraises off late term abortion. Not sure what that has to do w/ an Oregon candidate. But bias noted!

STEIN: Amazing that someone who deals with the press everyday can be such a jerk to the press, everyday.

DAYSPRING: Don’t whine because you tried to be snarky and partisan and got called out for it Sam. Be a big boy.


DAYSPRING: My thoughts exactly.

STEIN: I have no clue what that means. Your thoughts are “wow?”

DAYSPRING: Yes. “Wow.”

STEIN: Ok. Time to move on.

Will they ever break bread? It’s possible, but the meal may be strained. With Stein working for the liberal minded HuffPost and Dayspring easily pouncing on the “bias” button, these two really have no reason to be warm and friendly to each other. But then again, this is Washington. Some great friendships start by way of a snarly online fight. I asked each gentleman if he’d ever agree to break bread with the other. Stein replied, “Yes, but only if it’s challah.” And Dayspring? “Of course, though I try to avoid eating bread when possible. Certainly could ‘break’ it though, and have a cup of coffee as Sam loads up on carbs.”

Winner and loser: It seems both men deserve a time out. Or perhaps Stein could invite Dayspring over to HuffPost’s meditation room. Stein’s question was valid, as both parties have candidates that are unappealing for similar reasons. And how easy is it to get under Dayspring’s thin skin? (Rhetorical answer: Sooooo easy.) Knowing how easy it is, Stein appears to have taken advantage and picked at Dayspring. Dayspring, meanwhile, says he called Sam out for being “snarky and partisan” — but wasn’t Dayspring actually showing his partisan stripes first? Granted, this is Dayspring’s job — to be partisan. Still, he has to know he’ll get heat for it. Also: It appears that Stein called Dayspring “such a jerk” before he was actually a jerk. Stein’s name-calling perhaps even prompted Dayspring to give in to his occasionally jerky tendencies toward reporters. But at the end of the day, each man is responsible for his own behavior.