Cancelled Flight? Try Google Now — The App Will Offer You Alternative Flights

Kate Patrick Contributor
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We all hate that miserable feeling of lostness when our flight is cancelled and we’re stuck in a foreign airport for what seems like an eternity. Now, you might be able to prevent such unpleasant experiences from happening ever again. Enter Google, the savior of us all.

The Google Now app just launched Now Cards, which provide you with alternative flight suggestions when your flight is cancelled or delayed, according to Android Community. Previously, Google Now could only tell you when your flight was getting closer to landing — using information scanned from your email.

Don’t like flying? Well, that’s fine with Google, because Google Now also finds train departures and bus times for those traveling via land, Engadget reports.

The bigger question is whether or not you’re OK with Google scanning your phone’s information to give you the best alternatives and results. After all, we know Google has given information to the National Security Agency.

Maybe it’s worth it to let the government and Google know all of your personal details and plans if it means no more cold, lonely nights in a deserted airport. (RELATED: New Emails Reveal Cozy Relationship Between Google And NSA)

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