Turns Out Really Is Full Of Nonsense

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It may be the least of’s many, many problems, but the Obamacare website still features web pages full of nonsense filler language.

The Weekly Standard located a series of pages on that feature ‘Lorem ipsum’ text, a dummy language used by graphic designers to hold a place until the information is ready.

The website’s instructions on “How to appeal a Marketplace decision, directions for immigrants and, most ironically, “Why Health Coverage is Important” are filled with “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” instead of any information on getting health coverage. Immigrants How To Appeal


The Daily Mail found another 11 pages that the Obama administration had apparently forgotten to write and spoke to an anonymous Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services official who admitted the unfinished pages are an oversight.

The pages are “something that should never have been left hanging for this long,” the official told The Daily Mail. The “tech teams scrambled mid-morning. What can I say?”

“We’ll fix it, sure. In our own time,” the official continued. “We’re really focused on the back-end of the site right now.”

While the consumer-facing portion of — including important information like, “How to appeal a Marketplace decision” — was fixed during the administration’s so-called tech surge last fall, the back-end operations of the website still aren’t finished and officials are rushing to get everything built in time for the next open enrollment period on November 15.

Illinois’ Obamacare exchange website, Get Covered Illinois, also features a page full of ‘Lorem ipsum’ text — on the page that should explain different plan levels offered on

Get Covered IllinoisThe unfinished webpages have since been taken down.

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