HuffPo: GOP Ready To Raise A Literal Army To Defend Racist Beliefs

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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The GOP is just like the Confederacy and is leading this country into another civil war, according to Huffington Post blogger and failed Democratic candidate for Congress Andy Schmookler.

There is a “pattern” or “force” or “spirit” responsible for the Civil War, Schmookler explained in a Huffpo blog post Tuesday titled “The Spirit that Drove Us To Civil War Is Back,” and that same force has now “taken over” the GOP.

Citizens United is not about free speech, he writes, but the freedom to dominate others. It’s about corporations insisting on the right to buy elections, just like slave owners used to insist on the right to own slaves wherever they wanted.

Voter ID laws are not about addressing voter fraud, he insists, but an attempt by racist Republicans to suppress the black vote, and are identical to slaveholder bans on the distribution of anti-slavery writings.

Republicans complain about lazy Americans and want them to work rather than depend on government checks, he explains in another brilliant point, and slaveholders also complained people were lazy and forced them to work.

Still not convinced the GOP is the new Confederacy? Schmookler blasts his point home by pointing out that Republicans don’t like President Barack Obama, just like slaveholders didn’t like Abraham Lincoln.

“As with facial recognition,” he writes. “The configuration of the features tells us, ‘This is the same ugly thing, come back again.'”

Schmookler seems hesitant to say what he’s saying — that a racist and bigoted GOP is leading this country into a second Civil War — but he presses on: “Back in the mid-19th century, [the mysterious force that’s taken over the GOP] broke the nation apart and gave us a nightmarish Civil War. And in our times, it is damaging everything in American civilization that it can reach.”

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