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Yet another male journo with a pussy 

“Always feel embarrassed for my cat when I get home and she walks around all squinty pretending like she hasn’t been asleep he [sic] whole time.” — Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read.  See the full list of 16 men in journalism with pussies here.

Want to be on a ‘Morons’ Twitter list? 

“Fav this tweet if you had a prob with Obama’s suit so I can put you on my ‘morons’ twitter list. Don’t take it personally, I still love u.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

Montel Williams generally doesn’t care about fame 

“I generally dnt care about being famous, except when I’m trying to figure out what channel #OSUvsNavy is on – it helps to have great fans ;)” — former talk show host and military activist Montel Williams.


“I have been transparent about my serious bout with depression about 8/9 months ago. It was crippling!#Depression” — Sophia Nelson, blogger and author of The Woman Code.

Tommy Vietor used to be fat and awkward? 

“Got carded twice two days before my 34th birthday. How you like them apples, fat, awkward adolescent years?” — Ex-Obama press aide Tommy Vietor.

A tad overkill?  

“I survived as Pam left Dallas & did ok as Diane left Cheers. Brenda left 90210, I winced. I may never get over @BetsyNBC leaving NBC #legend” — former D.C. and now LA consultant Marc Adelman.

Journo gets a ton of mosquito bites 

“Two hours at the pool and about 200 mosquito bites to show for it. Whoops.” — WAMU producer Michael Martinez.

The Observer 

“People who get on an elevator before everyone gets off are probably just in a rush to attend their Assholes Anonymous meeting.” — radio DJ Damien Fahey.


“Best pizza in the Hamptons: Pileggi Pie Home made-escarole and white beans.” — WaPo‘s Sally Quinn.

Women who leave The View together stay together 

“Catching an early morning flight to @jennyannmccarthy@donniewahlberg‘s wedding … What a beautiful day to join as one before God! Congrats to two beautiful people!” — Sherri Shepherd.

The Observer

“Any celebrity still considering doing a Reddit AMA after this is a craven piece of shit.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Ryan.

And, ahem, why not to hunt down those naked pictures today

“I’ve never been big on naked celeb photos, esp. those I like, You lose the mystery, romance.” — Breitbart News editor John Nolte.

The things you learn on Facebook…

“I didn’t know my daughter’s bedroom was messy until she mentioned it on Facebook.” — The Sunday Times‘ Washington Bureau Chief Toby Harnden.


The one cuisine no politician should eat publicly 

“Hot dish on a stick #mnstatefair” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.