Here Are Joan Rivers’ Absolute Funniest Moments [VIDEO]

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Comedy legend Joan Rivers, 81, died Thursday following complications from a routine throat procedure.

The iconic talk show host was best known for her raspy voice and snarky quips, so in honor of her career that spanned five decades, here are her funniest moments.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

1. Rivers Tells PETA Activists Her Furs Are Lucky

At a July book signing for her “Diary of a Mad Diva,” Rivers responded to the PETA activists who asked why she wears fur with some choice words.

“No. 1, all the fur I wear has been killed over the years, and those furs would be lying in a cellar, but they have gotten to go to the opera.”


2. When she almost retired and compared herself to herpes

At a roast, Rivers said she was considering retirement, but comedy, and more importantly America, needed her. She said she would keep it going.

“Just like herpes, when you least expect it, I will be there.”


3. When she walked out on a CNN interview

Rivers sat down with Fredricka Whitfield in July to discuss her new book, but after too many negative comments she stormed out.


4. In the 70s, Rivers joked about her daughter’s first words

Rivers talked about how her daughter got fed up with her nonstop chatting, even at seven months old.


5. Her return to “The Tonight Show” after being banned

Johnny Carson banned Rivers as a guest, and never spoke to her again, after Fox offered her a show opposite “The Tonight Show.” She returned 49 years after her first performance when Jimmy Fallon became the host.


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