Michelle Obama’s Junk Food Ban Could Jeopardize SC School’s Tutoring Program

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A South Carolina high school is afraid its after-school tutoring programs will suffer as a direct result of Michelle Obama’s junk food ban.

Wade Hampton High School’s store can no longer sell chips and candy bars to students, because of the national ban on high-sugar, high-fat snacks that took effect in July. Leaders of the store are worried the drop in sales could cause a loss of thousands of dollars this year, which would hurt after-school tutoring programs, The Greenville News reports.

The Greenville County School system told The Greenville News it could lose $1 million in sales to food vendors because of the regulations. Clubs and parent-teacher organizations have also reported losing money because students simply aren’t buying the healthier food options they’re forced to sell.

Greenville County school board officials called the regulations burdensome and have asked for money from the state.

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