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Bon Appetit Breaking: CNN’s Jake Tapper Does Not Use Fake Sugar

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When you work for a major cable news network and host your own show, you get all kinds of oddball requests. Maybe it’s a role on a well-known soap opera or, just maybe, it’s an interview request from Bon Appétit Magazine. CNN’s Jake Tapper took part in the latter for a feature called “Morning Routine,” where they examine how “celebrities” start their days.

Come on, let’s take a peek at Tapper’s routine.

The highlights?

His alarm is set for 7 a.m. but because of kids and a puppy he’s up before then.

First thing he does: checks his email.

Second thing is does: checks Twitter. He follows more than 3,000 accounts from around the world.

Third thing he does: checks Facebook to find out what his friends are up to.

Oh, and then he gets out of bed.

The biggest fun fact to emerge from the whole feature? Jake has given up fake sugar and now drinks his “trusted friend” coffee with almond milk, Truvia, or raw sugar. Good thing he doesn’t drink soy milk — it’s known to give men gas. Coffee is a big part of his daily existence — he calls it an “IV drip situation.” In that case, perhaps he could help out The Boston Globe with their burning investigation on the kind of beans brewed in President Obama‘s White House.

Jake is something of a budding health nut — at 45, he now eats a high protein, low carb breakfast. This sometimes means leftovers that include salmon or hamburger. A former granola eater, he emphasizes that there’s nothing good about granola. He also opts for coffee over waffles.

See the full feature.