Out-Of-Control School Bus Crashes Into A House [VIDEO]

Ben Smith Contributor
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A dashboard camera captured video of a school bus crashing into a house Monday evening.

The crash, which took place in Clayton County, Ga., left the driver shaken, but she, according to My Fox 8, is being regarded as a hero. The bus driver had two choices when the bus lost control according to WSB-TV 2: steer the bus into a park full of children, or into the house into which it ended up crashing.

Homeowner Tom Essinger spoke to WSB-TV 2 and praised the driver. “She had two choices, either come towards us or go over into the park and the park was crammed full of kids, so she chose properly,” he said.

The beginning of the video shows a red car traveling in the opposite direction crossing the center line, forcing the bus driver to swerve.

Her reaction sends the bus careening off the road, into the house where it stopped, leaving the large hole in the side. The driver of the bus was audibly upset, extremely shaken, but uninjured.

There were no kids on the bus at the time of the crash, and no injuries were reported.