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BuzzFeeder Kisses His Boss’s Ass In Public, Cries When He’s Teased

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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BuzzFeed Legal Editor Chris Geidner must have been in a state of feverish delirium the other night when he released an emotional yelp about his boss, editor-in-chief Ben Smith. Not to sound paranoid, but has anyone tested him for the Ebola virus?

“I am so glad BuzzFeedBen is running Buzzfeed,” gushed Geidner on Twitter. “Its been incredible watching his commitment to diversity in action.”

So sweet. And sickening. What is this strange need some reporters feel lately to play kissy kissy with the boss? [Related: WaPo Investigative Reporter Plants One Squarely On Boss’s Butt]

Here at TheDC we like our boss, Tucker Carlson, too. Well, sometimes. But you won’t see us kissing his ass online — in fact, some of the publication’s funniest memories involve ungrateful journalists throwing him in a pool, shooting Nerf pellets (a.k.a. bullets if you’re HuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly) at him, or placing him on the 2012 “10 Most Punchable Faces” list.

In a satirical essay on The Daily Caller‘s diversity initiative Thursday, Scoops Delacroix wrote about the publication’s desire to hire gays.

“By 2017, we will even realize our long-held goal of creating a new supplementary alt-weekly, ‘The Gentleman Caller,’ to be distributed near Bike Share stations across the city. When people think ‘Gay,’ we want them to think ‘Tucker Carlson.'”

So no, not even in anonymous bylined satire do we suck up to Tucker.

Getting back to Geidner’s gushfest, fine, he did it. What can he do?  Well, for one thing, own it.

Conservative blogger Dan Riehl (no stranger to online ridicule as he sometimes takes his pants off when he drives) stepped in and made fun of him: “Idk but Chris Geidner sure has ass kissing covered. LOL.” [Related: Blogger Gets Caught With His Pants Down]

Geidner slapped back, “Oh, come off it, Dan.”

Riehl: “Oh, come on, lighten up. It was funny 😉 lol.”

Geidner cried, “I’ve been sick. Might be missing humor on the interwebs tonight.”

Riehl: “Feel better friend, was all in good fun.”

The next morning Smith addressed both boys. “Morning guys,” he wrote. “Hope you’re feeling better Chris.”