Herman Cain To Charge $9.99 A Month For New TV Channel, Obviously

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Herman Cain has a new 9-9-9 plan.

The one-time Republican presidential candidate announced Monday that he is launching a new subscription online television network.

And once again playing off his 9-9-9 tax plan, Cain plans to charge $9.99 a month, or $99.99 for 12-months, for access to The Herman Cain Channel.

“You saw that coming, right?” Cain quipped in a post introducing the channel.

Cain said he is launching the channel with the help of TAPP-TV.

“TAPP-TV, which also produces Sarah Palin’s channel, is led by former CNN president Jon Klein, whose thinking is way ahead of most people when it comes to where TV is going,” Cain said. “In working with Jon these past couple of months – and yes, that’s how fast this thing has come together – it’s been clear that he understands the old models that governed the business of television no longer apply.”

“If we can deliver the kind of value and quality you demand – and we will – we can make TV work for you without seeing the product watered down as tends to happen with major network television or even major cable channels,” added Cain.

Cain, who already hosts a daily radio show, promises exclusive newsmaker interviews and recurring segment called “S*** Democrats Say.”

“The best writers for the Herman Cain Channel are Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer…and we don’t even have to pay them!” he said.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO made a splash in the GOP presidential primary by offering his own plan for throwing out the tax system and replacing it with a 9 percent income tax, 9 percent corporate tax and 9 percent sales tax.

Cain loves incorporating 9-9-9 into his post-presidential campaign life. In 2012, Cain was scheduled to deliver a speech at 999 Ninth Street in Washington. When The Daily Caller asked him about this coincidence, he sent over an original poem:

999 9th Street      (By Herman Cain)

999 9th street is the place to be.
 The Renaissance hotel in Washington, D.C.

A major conference there was meant to be.
 Where Mr. 999 is scheduled to speak.

Some will say, it is just pure luck.
 Others will say, it’s for a few bucks.

To heck with the skeptics who don’t have a plan.
 Because 999 has captivated the Land.

So jeer if you will the 999 man.
 Soon it will become, the law of the Land.

“He’s Baaack”

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