Amanda Bynes Accuses Dad Of Physical Abuse, Takes It Back

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Amanda Bynes, who recently said she had a microchip in her brain and that people owe her $1 every time they read her thoughts, is back on Twitter, you know, casually accusing her dad of physical and verbal abuse and then retracting her statements, because the microchip made her do it.

Earlier Friday, Bynes sent out a series of tweets, many of which have been deleted, accusing her dad of abuse. (RELATED: Amanda Bynes Has Microchip In Her Brain, Says Amanda Bynes)


In the deleted tweets, Bynes said her dad called her ugly as a child, asked her to have sex with him, fondled himself in front of her multiple times, and said she could “get him arrested and put in jail for the rest of his perverted life.”

During Bynes interview with InTouch magazine, she made the microchip comment, and also said she was engaged to an 18-year-old bait shop employee named Caleb. In her tweets from Friday, Bynes denied actually giving any interview to InTouch, but restated her comments about the microchip in her brain and her engagement.