O’Reilly: ‘MSNBC’s Ratings Cannot Get Much Lower’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Bill O’Reilly appeared on Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” during which he slammed rival network MSNBC for its paltry ratings, which he said “cannot really get much lower,” and claimed that it was more of a propaganda outlet than a news organization. (RELATED: MSNBC Suffers Lowest Monthly Ratings In Nearly A Decade)

The host of Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” made the comments when asked about MSNBC’s coverage of Leon Panetta’s criticism of President Barack Obama. He characterized their coverage as “humorous,” before wondering why the network still existed at all:

“Let’s be honest: MSNBC’s ratings cannot really get much lower… No one’s watching them during the day, and very, very few at night. It’s a not a news organization, all right? It’s a cable channel that promotes left-wing causes. Not a news organization.

What I’m amazed at is that NBC just doesn’t pull the plug. I mean, once you’ve fallen behind CNN– which they have, CNN is now beating them– where is there to go on this thing? They’re not going to be successful. They’ve been on the air eighteen years, it’s not going to happen.

So why doesn’t NBC with all its power and resources use that cable network for something different and better? It’s just amazing to me.”

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