10 Yr. Old Charged As Adult In Criminal Homicide Case

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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A Pennsylvania 10-year was charged in the death of 90-year-old Helen Novak Tuesday morning, AP reports.

While visiting his grandfather’s home on Saturday, Tristen Kurilla was scolded by Ms. Novak -after entering her bedroom. Novak had been receiving care from the boy’s grandfather.

Kurilla lost his temper, held a cane around Novak’s neck and repeatedly punched her in the throat.

The autopsy showed that Ms. Novak died from blunt force trauma to the throat, and the results are consistent with Kurilla’s recollection of the event.

Kurilla and his mother turned themselves in to state troopers late Saturday evening.

“The boy is being held without bail pending an Oct. 22 preliminary hearing. His attorney did not return a call Tuesday morning seeking his comment”

Prosecutors have stated that despite his age, Kurilla will be charged as an adult with criminal homicide, as there is no criminal homicide charge in the juvenile law system.