Matthews Accuses The GOP Of ‘Murder In Broad Daylight’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In his opening “Hardball” monologue, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews accused the Republican Party of “murder in broad daylight” for passing voter ID laws, or as he put it, disenfranchising “the sons and daughters of slaves.”

This is rotten stuff, isn’t it? The Republican effort to kill the black vote in state after state. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Texas. We can all see what they’re doing. Believing they can’t convert the African-American vote, they decided to slaughter it. Early voting, shrink it down to nothing, or kill it altogether. Sunday voting, souls to the polls, slam the door on it. Same-day registration, you got to be kidding. That’s like putting down a welcome mat for African-American voters.

Look, this is murder in broad daylight. One Republican after another is telling us just exactly what they’re up to. It’s not about reform or making elections more honest. The one thing they’re actually honest about, if you catch them at it, is motive. This whole thing is aimed at killing the African-American vote.

But maybe this is a good time to go back to the Republican Party roots. To 1854, when it started in Ripon, Wisconsin, to battle the expansion of slavery into new territories. Wisconsin, the state now represented by [Reince] Priebus, that man who now leads the Republicans’ state-by-state strategy to make sure sons and daughters of slaves have the hardest possible time getting to the voting booth.

Where are the good Republicans? Where are the people who joined the party of Lincoln because they believe he was the greatest president in our history? Where are they? Good question.

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