Wendy Davis Tweets A Pic Of ‘Supporters…’ Turns Out They’re College Republicans

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis has landed herself in yet another embarrassing situation when she tweeted a picture she claimed were her supporters… but turned out to be a group of Virginia College Republicans.

Davis posted what would appear to be an innocuous tweet on October 21:

But one of the comments on the tweet complained. “This is a picture of me and I am a proud conservative,” tweeted college student Lauren McCue, “Idk how you got it. Please take down immediately.”

Turns out she was right. The Virginia College Republicans tweeted an identical image a month earlier:

The Twitter account that tweeted at Wendy Davis with the false picture has since been deleted. But images from Google Cache show that “@Lisa_in_Austin” was using the stolen image as her profile pic, and a picture of Wendy Davis as the banner image. Her last few tweets were retweets of Wendy Davis.

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