Obama Hides Behind Chocolate Cake

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama cancelled the daily press conference Oct. 31, just four days before what most observers expect to be a nationwide repudiation of his government-first policies.

Instead of a press event that would put spokesman Josh Earnest on the record, reporters merely got chocolate cake.

Obama cancelled the untelevized press conference, dubbed a “gaggle,” which was scheduled to take place as the president, his staff and reporters flew to back to D.C. from a campaign stop in Rhode Island.

“Moments before departure from Rhode Island, the President made his way to the back of Air Force One and said ‘can we give Josh [Earnest] the day off for Halloween’ and cancelled the gaggle on his behalf,” the print pool report said.

“He spent about 20 seconds in the press cabin,” said the pool report.

“President came back as we were boarding the plane,” said the TV pool report. “He said it’s halloween, can we give Josh the day off? How about no gaggle and you all get some cake?”

But at least one reporter gagged on the deal.

“Chocolate cake provides more to chew on than most press briefings,” said CBS radio’s Mark Knoller.

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