Stephanie Cutter: Landrieu ‘Speaking The Truth’ When Criticizing Southern Voters [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Democratic operative and former Obama campaign official Stephanie Cutter said that Democratic Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was “speaking the truth” when she said the South hates Obama for racial reasons. (RELATED: Landrieu: Obama And I Aren’t Popular In The South Because It’s Racist And Sexist)

CNN HOST WOLF BLITZER: The Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said her remarks were remarkably decisive. What do you think of her remarks?

CUTTER: Well the clip you didn’t show before that is her talking about the reason the president was unpopular in Louisiana and it was based on policy, when he shut down offshore drilling. And that was the bulk of her remarks.

BLITZER: But then she brought the issue of race in.

CUTTER: You know, I think it probably was an impolitic thing to bring up, right now four days before the election, given the coalition that she needs to build for victory. But I also think she was speaking the truth. African-Americans have had it harder in the South, that’s the American history.

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