Chris Matthews: Dems Needs To Stop Being ‘Hard Left’ And ‘Get Some Things Done’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on Election Day that if the Democrats lose the Senate, President Barack Obama will need to rope in Democrats, stop being “hard left,” and get things done. (RELATED: Chris Matthews: Republicans Trying To ‘Screw The Black Voter’)

MSNBC ANALYST EUGENE ROBINSON: If Harry Reid is the Minority Leader he can block everything like Mitch McConnell did.

MATTHEWS: What can the president do to challenge that? And say, “We have to get something done, Harry. I’m sorry about losing the New Hampshire seat. Maybe in two years, but we need to get something done.”

ROBINSON: He’s got to say that. And he’s got to say it loud, and he’s got to say it often …

MATTHEWS: Who wins? Is your guy tough enough to take on the Senate leadership and House leadership and say, you know — because Nancy Pelosi has been a good team player. But you have to stop being a little hard left here and get some things done here.

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