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Could Someone Please Tell Alison Grimes That She Lost?

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Denial is an incredibly powerful psychological defense mechanism. If something humiliating and demoralizing has happened to you — such as, say, losing an election by 15 freaking points — you can make the bad feelings go away by telling yourself it isn’t happening. But if you don’t at least mouth the words, “Yeah, okay, I lost, congratulations to my opponent, yadda yadda yadda,” you look like a big butthole.

It’s not much fun to get up in front of everybody who supported you and admit defeat. Guess that’s why Grimes hasn’t gotten around to it yet:

“Tonight didn’t bring us the result we had hoped for…” Oh. Well, what happened instead, Alison?

A Democrat really has to act like a graceless jerk to get called out by Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton, but Grimy Grimes pulled it off with this “concession” speech. Courtesy of Alex Griswold:

Yes, Alison, the message has been sent to Congress. And the message is that if you want to get in, you’ll need a visitor’s pass.

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