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Morning Mirror: Election Night Edition

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day (and the ultimate in horrible humblebrags):

“Me and my wife met with President Obama two weeks ago.”

Kanye West.

Complete election night insanity: Maddow in one ear, Blitzer in the other 

“Watching @CNN and @MSNBC simultaneously w/ the same headphones. Left ear @wolfblitzer; right ear @maddow” — Andrew Noyes, VP of communications, Brigade.

Speaking of CNN and Blitzer on election night…

“Looks like it’s going to be a long night. @wolfblitzer got some redbulls from Costco; @AC360 chilling some cucumber slices for our eye bags.” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongston) calls the Dems “pussies.” Seriously. See here

BREAKING: WaPo‘s wise Wesley Lowery has journalism tip

Kami Mattioli : “All journalism programs should have a class dedicated to teaching discretion in using the “BREAKING” label. Too many people get it wrong.”

@kmattio best practice: use it almost never – like, literally, nothing is ever breaking.”


Unsolicited advice for White House Spokesman Josh Earnest 

“If I’m Josh Earnest, I show up tomorrow tie askew, cigarette dangling, reeking of tequila, answering every question ‘oh yeah? Your face.'” — TheBlazeTV‘s Buck Sexton.

The downside to ESPN’s Nate Silver 

“Polling has sucked fun out of elections. Like having Nate Silver estimating the odds of getting a train set for Christmas 40 years ago.” — Brad Cooper, Kansas City Star statehouse reporter.

Ex-Slate editor hates the pumpkin spice latte

“I cast my DC vote today for legalization of pot, and for criminalization of pumpkin spice latte, which I just tried for the first time.” — David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura, a website that catalogues “extraordinary, weird and fascinating” paces around the world.

Quote of the Day II: 

“It’s not too fucking late! 

— lefty radio host Bill Press on election day.

Um, yes, hell yes 

“Do publicists hate reporters as much as reporters hate publicists?” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.

The smart ass

“Yes, we know you are available for interviews tonight.” — NPR politics editor Charlie Mahtesian.


“This election is so important we’re all upset about something Lena Dunham’s memoir.” — Michael Roston, senior staff editor for social media, NYT.

Which right-wing editor will feast on MSNBC tonight? 

“I will feast on the delicious tears of MSNBC commentators tonight. And I didn’t write that title.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.

Media Matters research director acts like a dick about a Buzzfeed poll 

“Do any non-journalists care about whether journalists vote?” — Media Matters Deputy Research Director Matthew Gertz dissing BuzzFeed‘s Ellie Hall‘s poll on whether journos should vote.

What Chris Hayes drinks to drown away his sorrows

Geekpondering: “@chrislhayes as a liberal Texan, what’s the best thing for me to drink tonight to forget election results but not be hung over? #msnbcvote

Chris Hayes: “@geekpondering I’m always partial to a good rye Manhattan, up when I want to drink my troubles away. #msnbcvote

Overheard in the Newsroom…

“So I have an interview with Issa tonight at midnight. Sounds a little romantic doesn’t it?” — Anonymous journo.

Important Question to Ponder: “Hey @twitter why is there a limit on the # of people you can block in one sitting? There is no similar limit on people being the worst.” — former co-editor of Gawker Emily Gould.

Convo Between a lefty reporter and a Democratic operative 

Nick Bauman works for Mother Jones and Matthew Gertz works for Media Matters, an organizational wing of the Democratic Party . 

Nick Baumann: “Having a good chuckle right now at the self-importance of journalists who don’t vote ‘on principle.'”

Matthew Gertz: “Navel-gazing never goes out of style.”


Charles Johnson thinks congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia is hot 

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