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Raw Story Incites Reader To Give Dana Loesch Suicide Tips

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Raw Story, always the epitome of everything good and decent in the world (and yes, I’m joking), wrote a fictitious story about conservative radio host Dana Loesch wanting to carry a gun to her book signings to shoot people. Her book is Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America. A reader then wrote in with suicide tips.

Congratulations Raw Story — happy? Happy that you preyed on people’s stupid emotions with stupid information that isn’t true?

Raw Story‘s disgusting Associate Editor “TBogg”– his real is Tom Boggioni and his Twitter avatar is a dog because he looks unshowered and like a criminal from MSNBC’s Lockup — gets off on writing exaggerations of actual stories. He’s also quite taken with The Daily Caller because his blog his inundated with stories about the Washington news outlet. And TBogg, dude, your crush on Tucker Carlson is just embarrassing already. Sadly, he’s never heard of you.

Loesch, who gets a steady stream of death threats because  of her gun stance, recently refused to appear at a book signing at Texas Christian University because there was no security. So Boggioni, a liberal blogger in San Diego, took the opportunity to report that “she won’t do book signings unless she can bring a gun to shoot people.”

Loesch, who also works for TheBlazeTV, then received a note from an apparent fan who wants to help her kill herself. The male reader snagged his prose directly from Boggioni’s writeup. And yes, you’re reading this right — the guy wants Loesch to defile herself.


Hey Dana!

Really like your stance on guns. If “they” won’t let you carry your gun to a book signing so you can “…shoot people…”, that’s a truly sad state of affairs eh? I have a “tip” for you. If you ever get that depressed about it, and wanted to shoot yourself in the head, you’d have to shove your gun up your ass to do it.

Most Sincerely,

Bill Howell 

The Mirror sought comment from Raw Story‘s Publisher Roxanne Cooper, their Executive Editor Tony Ortega and Managing Editor Eric Dolan for a comment. See the letter I sent them… 

I’m writing to ask you for a comment about a recent story by Tom Boggioni on your site. He claims that Dana Loesch wanted to bring a gun to her book signing to shoot people. Of course, this isn’t true at all — she wanted to protect herself since she gets regular death threats. As a result, someone wrote in to Loesch with suicide tips, including the idea to shove her gun up her ass. Yes, free speech abounds. Boggioni can shove a gun up his ass all day long for all I care. But how is it remotely responsible for you all to allow Boggioni to write something so blatantly untrue that would obviously incite this sort of reaction against Loesch?
I’d like a comment if you all have one. With the link below you can see what the suicide tipster had to say as well as find your writer’s piece of shit story in case you haven’t seen it.
Betsy Rothstein