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Scientist Lands Space Probe On Comet While Wearing Ugly Shirt

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Ever notice that when the human race makes history, it’s always phrased as a victory for MANkind? “One giant leap for MANkind.” “MANkind’s first civilization.” “Check out MANkind falling through the roof during that brutal steel-cage match.” Etc.

What about the broads, dudes?

Yesterday, during PERSONkind’s first landing of a space probe on a comet, an agent of the patriarchy mortified feminists everywhere with his choice of attire:

Did you miss the hate crime?


Yeah, just ask him. If he’s not too busy celebrating rape culture.

Don’t worry, this very important news story hasn’t been overlooked. Lisa Respers France, CNN:

While the world watched the historic landing of a space probe on a comet 310 million miles from Earth, some were distracted by what was happening closer to home.

Rosetta Project scientist Matt Taylor caused a bit of a firestorm with his choice of fashion during the European Space Agency’s live stream of Wednesday’s Philae landing. Taylor initially sported a shirt featuring women in lingerie, possibly not the wisest choice of attire given all of the discussion surrounding the challenges for women in the tech and science fields.

All of the discussion. Not just some of it. All of it.

Well, let me tell you something, Matt Taylor: You need to apologize immediately.

To the comet.

What’s up with sticking your probe where it doesn’t belong, mister? Did you ask the comet for consent at any point in the process? Did you respect its feelings as a stellar entity? No, you just went and shot your probe all over it. You disgusting pig.

Keep your probes off our celestial bodies!

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Jim Treacher