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SEXIST? Puh-leeze. Chicago Sun Times Reporter Casts Doubt On Valerie Jarrett Defenders

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Longtime White House reporter for the Chicago Sun Times Lynn Sweet never minces her words. If anything, she goes out of her way to not provide personal opinions — as in, she’s friendly, but she has literally walked away from conversations when a media reporter is around. But on Wednesday night she couldn’t help herself. In a piece on the latest windstorm blasting White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, she cracked that Jarrett has been through much worse.

Sweet’s story snagged quotes from an interview Jarrett did with MSNBC’s Joy Reid. (By the way, of course Jarrett chose the safe haven of MSNBC. She has staunch defenders there like her “friend” Mika Brzezinksi and Jonathan Capehart. Jarrett appeared on MSNBC again Thursday. No doubt she’ll one day be an MSNBC contributor.)

Jarrett charged back at her naysayers, saying, “I guess I would tell you when you break glass ceilings you’re going to get scraped, minor scrapes by a shard or two from the glass. But what I really focus on is the hard work that we have in these last two years and I wake up every morning, as I know the president does, focusing on people who are really just trying to get ahead, who are counting on us to work for them.”

Sweet goes on to discuss Jarrett’s “unique status” within the White House power structure.

She concludes, “Sexist attacks? I do know Jarrett’s been through worse. She worked in City Hall.”