Harvard Grad Jeremy Lin Perfectly Explains Lakers’ Inexplainable Start [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The Lakers have been bad this year. Like really, really bad. Like “off to the worst start in franchise history,” bad.

After Sunday night’s blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles sits at 1-9, and it doesn’t look like they’ll turn it around any time soon. (RELATED: EVEN PORNSTAR SADIE SANTANA CAN’T CONVINCE LAKERS TO WIN)

When asked why the perennial powerhouse can’t seem to get it together, point guard — and Harvard graduate — Jeremy Lin put the Lakers’ woes perfectly into perspective.


Very eloquent, Mr. Lin. You managed to perfectly encapsulate your team’s less-than-stellar performance. After all, sometimes no explanation is the best explanation.


It’s pretty apparent why L.A. can’t win. The Lakers are the worst team in the NBA, despite many NBA analysts’ predictions. The combination of an over-the-hill superstar, lackluster supporting cast and an unproven head coach do not equal success in the cutthroat, western conference.

I’ve never been a Kobe fan. He’s arrogant, a ball hog and a terrible teammate. However, he is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and it’s sad to see a franchise he’s carried for the last two decades flat-out give up in the twilight of his career.