MSNBC, CNN Coverage Of Gruber Non-Existent

Al Weaver Reporter
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MSNBC and CNN have hardly devoted any coverage to the cadre of comments by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, having mentioned his name only 79 and 27 times respectively, according to Politifact.

By contrast, Fox News has mentioned Gruber by name a whopping 779 times, with it being the main staple of coverage over the past week.

Politifact’s search took place between midnight Nov. 10 and 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

A mention is defined as “any time Gruber’s name is said on air within a one-minute window,” while adding that all the numbers are probably north of the stated figures “because they don’t account for errors in the closed captioning transcription,” according to the report.

In his various comments, Gruber opined that Obamacare was passed thanks in part to how “stupid” the American public is.

The majority of the Gruber mentions by CNN were made on “The Lead,” “The Situation Room,” “New Day” and “State of the Union,” the network’s Sunday morning affairs show.

Nearly 25 percent of such mentions on MSNBC have come from “Morning Joe” with others from a grab bag of programs such as “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and “All In With Chris Hayes.”