George Will: Obama ‘Greatest Builder Of The Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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President Barack Obama once said he wanted to be as consequential as Ronald Reagan. However, according to syndicated columnist George Will, Obama has become as consequential as the former two-term GOP hero in a different sense.

Appearing on “Special Report” Wednesday night, Will told host Bret Baier that Obama has become the “greatest builder of the Republican Party” since Reagan.

Will: “Barack Obama once said that he wanted to be as consequential in his own way as Ronald Reagan was. He is in this sense: he is the greatest builder of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. Today, there are many fewer house Democrats, many fewer Democratic Senators. Many fewer governors. The Republican Party controls more state legislative chambers than at any time in its history. There are 149 southern Congressional districts. Understanding the south is the 11 states of the confederacy, plus Oklahoma and Kentucky. Of the 149, 110 of them are Republican. I mean, they are just — the numbers are appalling what has happened under this man. now, this is the guy who said on the eve of the 2010 shellacking they took, ‘don’t worry, you’ve got me.’ In 2014, their problem was they had him as an enormous weight in their saddles.”