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From The Treacher Archives: How A ‘Stimulus’ Bill Became A Law

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Apparently, SNL has decided Obama is no longer “flawless.” Even the comedic geniuses at 30 Rock can’t ignore his lawlessness anymore:

It isn’t funny, because it really, really isn’t funny.

Speaking of not funny, five years ago my pal Batton Lash and I had a similar idea for a Schoolhouse Rock parody. Remember the “stimulus” bill? Obama would rather you didn’t…


It only took 5 years for SNL to realize what we teabaggers have known all along: Obama’s policies don’t work, he doesn’t listen to anybody who disagrees with him, and he doesn’t care about the truth. He stinks.

All it took to wake up SNL was Obama’s most brazen act of tyranny yet. Better late than never, I guess.

(Check out more of Batton’s work at ExhibitAPress.com)

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