FIREWORKS: Megyn Kelly Spars With Democratic Rep. Over Ferguson: ‘How Is This A Race Thing?!’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Rep. Al Green engaged in a heated discussion hours after members of the Congressional Black Caucus made “hands up, don’t shoot” gestures on the House floor, with the host grilling the Democrat on the disputed facts over the gesture.

Kelly took specific issue with the Congressional Black Caucus reaction to the grand jury decision, in which they said it shows “black lives hold no value.”

After repeating three separate, yet similar, testimonies from African-American witnesses to the grand jury, Kelly questioned why Green and other members of the CBC refused to accept the decision of the grand jury.

“That was the evidence that the grand jury heard,” Kelly said.

“That was not all of the evidence the grand jury heard,” responded Green.

“That is enough, sir, to say there is no probable cause to charge somebody,” Kelly shot back.

“No, there is not enough. Not if you have other evidence from several witnesses who had statements that were antithetical to those statements,” said the Texas Democrat. “You had other witnesses saying that his hands were up. You had other witnesses who claimed he was not charging. You had other witnesses who said things that were totally different from what you read.”

“All of the witnesses who testified he was charging were African-American. How is this a race thing?!” Kelly asked incredulously.

The two continued to fight back and forth, with Green telling the Fox News host she wasn’t being “fair and balanced.”

“On this show, on this channel, unlike any other, you get both sides!” asserted Kelly.

“You are not being fair!” responded Green.