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Quote of the Day: Journo Love 

“Meant to give props to @jonkarl for his Bold and Beautiful ambassador questions to @PressSec the other day.”

–CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead.”


“I loathe what cops did to Eric Garner. I respect and thank the NYPD for making the city safe. (Yes, I know I’m not a black man.)” — New York Daily News opinion editor Josh Greenman.


“How To Get Away With Murder: Become A Police Officer.” — BuzzFeed‘s LGBT editor Saeed Jones.

A word of advice for Capitol Hill press secretaries

“Press Secretaries: If your boss wants to go on TV on a night like this to say something provacative, throw yourself in front of the camera.” — Walter Shapiro, columnist and teacher at Yale.

Really Deep Thoughts With TNR’s Isaac Chotiner

“Amusing how so many of the people who claim to never see racism are in fact racist.” — The New Republic‘s Isaac Chotiner, a real hack who seems to have quite the handle on “racism” these days. Does he even know what it is, or does he just like to cry about it whenever a racial issue comes up?

The Observer

“Time to protest the non-indictment of a cop who killed an unarmed black person. No, not that one, the other one. No, the other one.” — non-fiction writer Ella Morton.

Oh, how nice: Autobiographical  

“DC journalism is just like high school but without the sophistication.” — Media Matters research fellow Oliver Willis.

Did someone say Mirror

“Hold a mirror up to America and the cop killings, and this is what you see. Genius from @Slate ….do read this.” — Peter Foster, U.S. editor of the Daily Telegraph. Read the story he links to by Joshua Keating here.

And now for the real crime

“Scuze me but when did @NatureValley subtract one crunchy granola bar from each wrapper??” — National Journal‘s Daniel Newhauser.

Spotted…Politico‘s senior congressional reporter John Bresnahan slumming it in the Adams Morgan Starbucks this morning wearing a baseball cap.